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  • Guaranteed Investment Contracts

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FEC M&A Advisors can show you this buyout finance structure.

Stock issue, stock sale, shell stock company reverse merger, contract stock sale, and stock exchanges can be alternatives one should be aware to receive potential value when transferring business ownership. FEC can advise of these significant alternatives.

Growth capital for some companies can be available by unlocking value currently contained in their office, plant, industrial and agriculture real estate assets.  We negotiate real estate with third party owners and from owner-occupants through sale-leaseback transactions, a widely utilized structure that delivers shareholder value and financial flexibility enabling companies to invest in their core businesses in lieu of trapping operating funds in real estate.  U.S. corporations own $1.7 trillion of commercial real estate assets, capital that can mean more profit by lease for both lessor and lessee.


Client Profile

FEC may be able to assist a U.S. company that is unable to secure financing through traditional sources, particularly if funding needs are time sensitive. Some examples are, developmental stage companies, companies with historical and/or current losses, companies with negative net worth or tax liens, companies in Chapter 11, healthy companies that need a more aggressive lender who will provide a larger credit facility, and companies where principals currently have a less attractive credit rating.

New Funding based on sound analysis

  • revolving credit lines
  • secured bridge financing
  • purchase order financing
  • acquisition financing
  • inventory loans
  •  DIP and Exit financing
  • cash flow loans
  • real estate financing
  • loan guarantees
  • international real estate
  • conventional factoring
  • asset based loans
  • letter of credit financing
  • funding for healthcare providers
  • equipment financing
  • equity participation
  • construction loans
  • unsecured loans based on personal credit of principal
  • mezzanine financing
  • second mortgage on commercial property
  • loans against raw or undeveloped land
  • agricultural loans to farmers
  • SBA loans


    * Prime rate to prime plus 6% on most debt financing transactions.

    * 1% per month and higher on discount factoring

    * 1% per month and higher on purchase order financing

    * prime rate to prime plus 8% on real estate transactions

    Time Line to Closing of Accepted Deals

    * Many bridge loans completed within 30 days

    * Most other transactions 30 to 90 days

Funding Size

Typical transactions range from $2,000,000 to $100,000,000

How We Work

Financial Exchange (FEC) works with representatives of over 300 lenders nationwide. 

Representatives review the particulars of any new funding request by focusing on the borrower's geographic location, loan size, industry type, collateral mix, historical cash flows, credit profile etc. in order to identify lenders who can fulfill the specific funding requirements of the borrower. Representatives will then develop and send a written synopsis of the transaction to specific lenders we have identified and further speak with them to select the most likely candidate who can provide the best overall proposal. 

A mandate and obligation is to obtain the best financing available for the client. A closing fee is earned only when the client has accepted the financing  arranged.


A success fee is earned at closing of one percent (1%) to six percent (6%) of the funded amount, determined primarily by the loan size but also depending on the type of transaction and other factors. The initial work that is perform on any new account is always a representative's expense and involves an internal review and analysis of your transaction followed by further review with the specific lender we have selected. This lender is selected on the basis of your company's industry type, geographic location, loan size, credit profile, type and mix of collateral etc. The lender must express a defined interest in providing a proposal based on the representations that have been made by you, the borrower. We work on a non-exclusive basis and you may choose to accept other financing or pursue other available options.

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NOTE:  Selling one's business is only one of many alternatives to exiting or retiring from one's business:   

Your FEC Consultant reviews all alternatives.

FEC Goal Number One:  To Assist Business Owners to preserve and keep wealth

FEC Goal Number Two:  To Assist Business Owners to increase wealth

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One's property of value inevitably transfers ownership, with or without one's wishes.  

Prepare now to save your family wealth.  Ken Wheeler

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