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When to Transfer/Sell/Lease/Merge

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Why Businesses Fail

Eight Mistakes By Business Owners When Transferring

Why use a Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Consultant & Intermediary?

  • To maintain confidentiality - one does not want to lose customers or employees.

  • To have a loyal and professional person representing your interests.

  • To have a professionally prepared marketing presentation of your business and a marketing plan that will result in a sale or transfer with increased value of proceeds.

  • To include one's estate and financial planning goals during planning and negotiations.

  • To assist with tax advantaged options to help you maximize proceeds.

  • The owner can concentrate operating the business, maintaining and increasing business value. 

  • An independent party can often present a more impartial and un-emotional picture of the business.

  • Reduce stress caused by inexperience with business transfer preparation, communication, negotiation and legalities.

  • Transferring one's own business is as representing oneself in court.

The process of buying or selling all or part of a business can be summarized simply:  There is a decision to buy or sell/lease with the qualified buyer/lessee or seller contacted, negotiations initiated, offers evaluated, selected, and the the transaction closed. But describing the process in these simple terms is misleading. The process involves emotional decisions, negotiations over many details, dealing with attorneys, CPA's, financial advisors and others. Success can be achieved if the parties can focus on the end-result so that various details do not undermine original goals.

Reaching the decision to sell a business, divest operations, or pursue growth through an acquisition or sale/lease strategy is a function of the business owner who must rely on enough information to execute an informed decision. Executing, the decision is more difficult, often because the business owner is entering unfamiliar territory in an increasingly competitive market. The owner facing these decisions should consider assistance in the form of an experienced professional intermediary.  When attempting it alone, an inexperienced buyer or seller could risk paying too much, selling too cheaply, or not successfully negotiating favorable prices, terms, and conditions.

Why pay Taxes Unnecessarily?  Many Business Owners do!  Over One Billion $ Taxes Unnecessarily Paid Annually.  

FEC has alternatives.


Seller/Lessor Benefits & Services Buyer/Lessee Benefits & Services
  • Value the business

  • Recommend proper terms and structure

  • Develop a marketing plan, and sourcing buyers

  • Screen and qualify potential buyers

  • Negotiate and structure a successful sale or other transaction

  • Assist the buyer in obtaining financing

  • Evaluate the buyer's goals

  • Formulate the buyer's acquisition criteria

  • Locate appropriate acquisition candidates

  • Evaluate acquisition candidates

  • Negotiate and structure a successful purchase or other transaction

  • Assist in obtaining financing

We at FEC feel a professional who only appraises and valuates businesses can best objectively ascertain its market value. Rules of thumb as seen in many business publications and "how to sell your business" books, rarely accurately reflect your business in your market.  FEC's staff of professionals is trained to recognize the intangible value of your business as well as the true value of the tangible assets.  For owner financial protection FEC recommends a business and real estate objective professional valuation.
A Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Consultant & Intermediary has the expertise and the contacts to assist a business owner/buyer to arrange financing when required.

Transferring or selling a business is like taking an airline flight across the country. When one boards the plane, one has no idea how the trip will be. Neither does your pilot! One could run into many types of turbulence or have a smooth flight and arrive on time. The pilot will use his experience and professional skills to navigate around storms and produce the smoothest flight possible. He cannot promise a flight free of any turbulence. His job is to give one the best ride possible and arrive safely and on time.

Financial Exchange Corp. (FEC), as a mergers & acquisitions Consultants and Intermediaries, see ourselves as the pilot of a client's plane. Our job is to assist an owner in transferring or selling his/her business for the most money in the least time, with the fewest problems, and assist the owner to keep as much of the proceeds as possible.  FEC can utilize our experience and skills to give a client the smoothest flight, and that if it becomes turbulent, we wonít bail out!  FEC will be on a client's side throughout the flight and assist the client safely to his/her destination.

Financial Exchange Corp.:

  • emphasizes the value of your name, location, reputation, service, products, employees and other intangibles. 

  • is experienced at analyzing financial statements to show the true return a business generates. 

  • we are well prepared to represent your business in the best possible manner when a potential buyer requests information about a potential purchase. 

  • prepares a marketing package that will be thorough and fair and will often answer most of a purchaserís questions at the first reading. 

  • through discreet advertising and our extensive referral network, will expose your business to investors from all over the USA and world who are seeking investments in Iowa 

  • is very conscious of the need for absolute discretion in the promotion of a business opportunity. 

  • carefully screens all prospective purchasers and will not reveal the name or location of a business to anyone who does not first sign our non-disclosure agreement and meet the financial and professional criteria we have established as required to purchase our client's business.

  • coordinates our client's business transition with our client's attorney, tax planner, financial and estate planner, financial institution, public recorder, surveyor, environmentalist and geologist, among others necessary to complete the transition.


Business Owner Coaching

Financial Exchange Corp. Consultants and Intermediaries:

  • assist educating individuals in business ownership exit and entrance opportunities..

  • assist in the evaluation of owner goals.

  • assist in guiding individuals through business-career transitions.


Why do owners transfer/sell/lease or merge a business?
  • They are "burned out" - the most common reason, some in as little as 5 years

  • Health problems

  • Retirement

  • Expiration of lease

  • Children not interested in the business

  • Divorce

  • Under capitalized.

  • Changing technology requiring new capital inputs.

  • Financial difficulties

  • Employee problems

  • Customer or supplier problems

  • Estate planning

Should one buy, merge, sell, lease or hold?  FEC assists owners with alternatives.


An owner transferring a business his/herself can be a crucial financial mistake.

An owner does not write his/her own will or trust.  A professional as an estate planner and/or attorney assists so crucial legal language and procedure is proper for financial protection.  Procedure and legal language are as important when transferring a business.  

An owner transferring a business his/herself can be a financial mistake.  It removes one's time from operating his/her business and can destroy the confidentiality necessary to retain employees and customers.  

It deprives the business owner of an experienced third party to negotiate on the owner's behalf.  One may price too high and negate the sale, or too low, and leave much of your money "on the table".  

Many self transferors or sellers are unaware they gift money to the buyer and to others unaware of how or what should be negotiated.

Unfortunately, taxes are often paid though the IRS has exclusions if a tax advantaged contract is negotiated that is concurrent with IRS guidelines.  Many businesses are negotiated and transferred with average or few tax considerations.

Do not expect every attorney or CPA to have negotiation expertise, exercise estate planning, have years of experience transferring many various businesses, and expertise practicing business transfer tax advantages.  Your attorney and CPA, invaluable at what they do best, are generally not the negotiators or experienced at negotiating the transfer of a business.  They commonly do their best with the deal you have negotiated.

FEC Consultants and Intermediaries assist an owner and the owner's professional advisors to maximize client monies gained and retained while considering all client goals.

When to transfer/sell/lease/merge/acquire:
It is normal for many owners to wait until health or age force them to seriously think of transferring ownership.  Because of health or age the owner/management can lose the vitality and aggressiveness that was the force for maintaining and increasing success and the business value.  The business value actually can decline by waiting too long to transfer.  The best time to transfer a business is when it is growing with profits, or when one recognizes that management has maximized its ability to maximize growth and profits.  Many of us fail to recognize our limits, our mortality, or do not want to deal with it.  Procrastination is popular (and expensive).  Most business structures need preparation years in advance to prevent the penalties of too little or no planning when transferring ownership.  All business owners need to plan now for the inevitable transition that will happen, "sooner or later", regardless of choice.  One may choose to prepare now.


Asset Transfer Summary 

  • Collect marketing and analysis data.

  • Define business partners and transaction entities.

  • Create alternate strategies.

  • Determine value, price and terms.

  • Determine tax strategies and after tax net.

  • Identify, qualify and target ideal business entity.

  • Present, negotiate and close.

  • Transition period.


One option to sell or transfer a business is to:

 Buy a business. 

Another option to sell or transfer a business is to: 

 Finance without debt.  

Ask us why and how.


It can take time.  Prepare now:

FEC has transferred businesses within one to two months and many within one year.  However, one to two years marketing time for a planned goal oriented business transfer can be normal.  Exceptions are that a lower price is acceptable, or a buyer/lessee/merger entity is unusually available.  Preparation time to market a business can be months depending the complexity of the entity.  Many owners do not consider what they skillfully and sometimes easily manage, can be complex to a prospective owner.  Ideally, consultation and organization to transfer a business should begin when the business is operational.  An owner's next best choice is to initiate consultation eleven years (11) before contemplated transfer to assure maximum tax advantages.  Seldom is this the case.  Many decisions are to transfer now, with minimum preparation.  Even preparation months in advance is financially crucial. One can hurry a transfer by absorbing a discount in proceeds.  A distressed, forced or unplanned transfer is not in an owner's financial interest, owner's family interest or health.

FEC successfully transfers many businesses.  FEC recommends experienced, qualified appraisal and valuation specialist to advise valuation-see Appraisal & Valuation.  We strive to have a base of satisfied former clients that will highly recommend our services to others. We are performance and service oriented.

Strict Confidence: 
Information is held in strict confidence. Owner information is solely for use in preparation to discuss owner alternatives on a no-obligation basis.  The alternatives assist an owner to conclude an informed decision concerning the possibility of selling, leasing, acquiring or preparing to transfer a business or business assets.
No-Fee Consultation for Iowa Businesses:
For a No Fee Consultation or more information, please contact FEC.  It is not our purpose to pressure anyone to transfer, sell, lease or acquire a business or business assets.  We advise of alternative solutions to assist a business owner to make informed decisions.  While reviewing a business and business plan, a FEC Consultant may address current operations for profit enhancement.  A FEC business owner client decides when to prepare to activate or when to activate his/her plan.  We at FEC hope to be fortunate to be chosen to represent a business owner when his/her plan is activated.

NOTE:  Selling one's business is only one of many alternatives to exiting or retiring from one's business:   

Your FEC Consultant reviews all alternatives.

FEC Goal Number One:  To Assist Business Owners to preserve and keep wealth

FEC Goal Number Two:  To Assist Business Owners to increase wealth

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One's property of value inevitably transfers ownership, with or without one's wishes.  

Prepare now to save your family wealth.  Ken Wheeler

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