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Partners with Professional Advisors of Business Owners

Professionals Working with Professionals to Assist Owners Reach Business Transfer Goals, Minimize Business Owner Taxes and Maximize Business Owner Wealth.

Professional Advisors:  Financial Institutions, Appraisers, Attorneys, Business Consultants, CPA-Tax Consultants, Financial Advisors, Financial & Estate Planners, Insurance Agents, Registered Representatives, Commercial or Land Real Estate Brokers and Business Brokers

Financial Exchange (FEC) assists Professional Advisors to preserve, protect and increase Client wealth.  Client and Advisor confidentiality and interests are protected.     

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Financial Exchange:

FEC reviews finance alternatives as securities equity or debt offerings.

FEC consultation and advise about ownership transfer can result in financial gain for business owners.  Our consultants realize to hurry an owner to a transfer decision is not a goal.  An owner transfer decision is a significant event and can be a traumatic event in an owner's life.  Family, employees and customers, as well as financial concerns, are considerations.  Alternative solutions are offered to each owner's unique position.  When an owner does realize a decision to transfer ownership position as with a lease, sale, merger or acquisition, FEC would be pleased to be considered as the agent for the preparation and completion of the transaction. 

FEC promotes financial & estate planning to business owners for preparation and completion of a business plan (business transfer plan).   FEC Consultants realize Professional Advisor Services are an advantage to business owners.  When a business/property owner does decide to be acquired/leased/transfer ownership, FECís goal is to assist maximizing and keeping proceeds and wealth.

When a FEC Professional Advisor Partner recommends FEC to consult with an Advisorís business owner client, with the business ownerís permission we involve the Advisor.  The Advisor determines services he/she will offer to the client.

Financial Exchange Corp. does not share an Advisorís service income.  There is no fee for an initial consultation with the Advisor or the Advisorís Iowa client.  

Kenneth Wheeler, FEC CEO and Iowa Real Estate Broker, has an association with the finance and insurance industry for 28 years and is an Iowa Real Estate Broker (26 years).  Kenneth Wheeler or FEC receives fees generally based on proceed $.  When the business owner receives proceeds from a stock transfer transaction, Kenneth Wheeler or FEC is compensated as contracted.  When the business owner receives proceeds from a real estate transfer transaction, Kenneth Wheeler is compensated as contracted. Kenneth wheeler or FEC receives a fee as a consultant in agreed situations.

Professional Advisors are recommended by FEC to be an integral of a business owner's success.

 Selling a business is only one of many alternatives to exiting or retiring from business:  

Your FEC Consultant reviews all alternatives.

FEC GOAL NUMBER ONE:  To Assist Business Owners to preserve and keep wealth

FEC GOAL NUMBER TWO:  To Assist Business Owners to increase wealth



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One's property of value inevitably transfers ownership, with or without one's wishes.  

Prepare now to save your family wealth Ken Wheeler

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